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The SGI Scream Saver newsletter describes molecular modeling and other SGI-related activities of the network of SGI workstations in the Department of Chemistry. This newsletter is available at the begining of each month and covers the chemistry SGI cluster and the software available on it. If you want to subscribe, please contact the MolViz Facility Staff.

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WARNING! As a newsletter ages, it's contents may be superceeded by a more recent newsletter. ALWAYS check the Table of Contents for the MOST RECENT description of a topic.


Fall    1997
Spring    1997
Fall    1996
Spring    1996
Summer    1995
Winter    1995

November/December  1994
October   1994
September 1994
August    1994
June/July 1994
May       1994
April     1994
March     1994
February  1994

Table of Contents

Fall 1997
New Software
StereoView Room News
Evaluation of Molecular Visualization Facility

Spring 1997
Research Group System Administrator meeting
New Software
Printing: landscape printing
Printing: color printers
Printing: Improvements to printing
Using the StereoView Room
The MolViz web site

Fall 1996
Research Group System Administrator meeting
C687 Scheduled for Spring '97
New Stuff!
Retired Software
Room A400: the StereoView Classroom
Upgrade to IRIX 6.2
Automounting file systems between workstations
New workstations offered by SGI

Spring 1996
Chemistry on the Web
Web Browsers
Web Servers
Automounting Disks between SGIs
Displaying X-Windows on Remote Workstations
Converting between different coordinate file types
New Software

Summer 1995
Archiving your files made easy
Disk space
List of available software
Status of the departmental SGIs
Special news for system administrators
Summary of previous newsletters

Winter 1995
About this newsletter
New stuff on the departmental SGIs
Transferring files from SGIs to Macs
Converting Graphics File Formats
The ABSOLUTE FINAL Word on Printing.

November/December 1994
Making Slides
Status of the Departmental SGIs
Future Meetings
UNIX Commands: A Quick Guide

October 1994
Text editors
Status of the Departmental SGIs
Printing continued
Future Meetings

September 1994
New departmental SGI charges
Note to Research System Administrators
Status of the deparmental SGIs
Future meetings

August 1994
C687: Biomolecular Modeling
Status of the departmental SGIs
CRON - the UNIX Timekeeper
Future meetings

June/July 1994
Archiving your files made easy
Status of the departmental SGIs
Biosym demos expire 4/8/94
Frequently-asked-questions and newsgroups

May 1994
New help available on chemvgx
Archiving your files
Using .Xdefaults to set user preferences
Keeping track of the jobs you run
Color printing primer
X-window primer
Synchronization of User ID numbers
Network status

April 1994
Biosym software available on chemvgx
Recent upgrades to the operating system
Where to get a list of frequently-aked-questions
New versions of showcase and explorer on chemvgx
More goodies in the/local directory
Problems with the SGI cluster
Upcoming UID sync-o-thon
Do's and don'ts of powering down a SGI

March 1994
Commands to obtain SGI cluster information
Recent changes made to the chemistry SGI cluster
Availability of chemistry software on the SGIs
Newly intalled internet and other utilities
How to customize your desktop toolchest
How to keep your disk space clean
File compression utilities and how to use them
Where to get help
Upcoming events

February 1994
Special Edition: System Administrators.

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